Welcome to Our New Blog!

We have a new website! We’ll be adding information and pictures over time, so make sure you sign up to get email notifications when we add new posts. We’ll use this to announce classes, events, new products, etc. And don’t forget to come to the knitting circle on Monday evenings!


About Jane Wells

User experience design for WordPress. Master gardener.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Our New Blog!

  1. Sarah Markins says:

    What days and times are your knitting classes offered. I’d be most interested in Saturday hours so I could get a babysitter. Thanks, Sarah

    • unwindsavannah says:

      Hi Sarah,

      We have a class on Saturday from 10am – Noon. This is a pick your project class. You pick the project and come to class and we are there to help you understand your pattern and help you over any problems you might have. Call to register. Cost is $5.00 per session. We also have this same class on Wednesdays from 4pm – 6pm.


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